Messaging Solution for Healthcare | Better Patient Outcomes with Better Communication

Better patient outcomes start with better communication

Innovative healthcare organizations use in-app messaging to reach patients anytime and anywhere so they can achieve better patient outcomes.

Build a faster, smarter way for patients to reach you

Grow your healthcare organization by improving patient access with in-app messaging. Give your patients the convenience to reach care on-demand from anywhere.

Better conversations that lead to better patient outcomes

Optimize doctor and staff communication by providing a single center of discussion for teams and individual cases. With one group chat for every case, your organization can bring specialists and staff together efficiently to prioritize better patient outcomes.

Continue patient-care beyond the doctor’s office

Create post-care experiences for the modern connected patient. Keep treatments on track with personalized reminders for drug and exercise routines, medical checkups, and test results. Help patients with common problems through intelligent diagnostic tools and chatbots.

Building communication for the entire patient journey

SendBird's HIPAA compliant chat framework makes building in-app chat fast, and easy. That's why companies like Healthline, Accolade, Healint, and Gryt rely on SendBird to power communication in their Healthcare applications and communities.

With SendBird's Chat API and SDKs you can build in-app messaging to empower patients to reach out to you in your app. Use chatbots to start patients medical history, and route them to the right expert to share symptoms through images and videos. Share patient information securely with other experts. Then, after treatment, send patients automated reminders about healthcare management and follow-up.

Talk to an expert

Sibly is mental wellness support - 24/7, anywhere you need it. Sibly uses SendBird to build in-app messaging for coaches to chat with patients, and connect chatbots to manage patient intake on Sibly's application.

Better In-app Communication, Better Care

Security built for healthcare standards

We take care of security, so you can sleep sound at night

SendBird is more than HIPAA compliant

HIPAA, HITECH, BAA, ISO27001, EU-US Privacy Shield, GDPR

Encryption for all data and Personal Health Information (PHI)

Data sent to and from SendBird servers is encrypted with TLS/SSL with authentication devices for client and server-side

Secure and Distributed Infrastructure

Your data is saved on our distributed infrastructure using AE256, and we also offer dedicated server instances

The complete toolkit for building a great in-app chat experience

Bring the messenger app experience to your app with SendBird's white label chat solution

Essential messaging features

Collaborative group chat ∙ 1-to-1 messaging ∙ Invitations ∙ @mentions ∙ Friend lists ∙ Typing indicators ∙ Read receipts

Share rich media

Send images, videos or audio in automatically generated thumbnails

World's most scalable chat API

Connect over 1 million patients and doctors at once, and up to 200 medical professionals in a single chat

Personalize digital care

SendBird's API and SDKs let you build a post-care experience personalized to patient needs

Messaging Data and Analytics

See basic analytics or export messaging data on the SendBird dashboard

Post-care notifications and reminders

Send push and custom notifications for all types of wellness and care reminders

Chatbot integrations

Integrate any chatbot directly in your app's messaging interface