Chat Moderation and Message Data Analytics | SendBird Features

Tools to explore chat data and protect the integrity of your brand

Manage conversations, export messaging data, basic and custom chat analytics, premium moderation tools.

Proactively monitor and moderate conversations using the SendBird Dashboard

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Admin Messages

Send announcement message to any or all channels.

Freeze Channels

Temporarily freeze features in a channel to stop user activity.

Mute / Ban Users

Dismiss bad actors or prevent them from sending messages.

Smart Throttling

Control the speed of messages so users can follow the conversation.

Profanity Filters

Use custom keyword dictionaries to replace or block profanity.

Spam Flood Protection

Control the number of messages a user can send in succession in any channel.

Data Platform for Chat & Messaging

  • Cross-Platform Sync

    Sync messaging data across all devices in real-time.

  • Chat Analytics

    Watch your MAU, DAU, and concurrent connections grow directly on your dashboard.

  • Message Retrieval API

    Retrieve any message in any channel using the Platform API.

Migration API & Support

Receive full support when you migrate your existing data to SendBird's platform.

Data Export Feature & API

Create regular backups of all of your data using our Dashboard or Platform API.